Staying Connected

FUS is “large and lovely place” and staying connected is a vital part of community life. Our website is your best reference point for all happenings in our lively community. We also have several printed publications that encourage engagement in our community life. If you have questions about the website or our publications, please contact Communications Director, Brittany Crawford, at

Where to find events and program happenings at FUS

In the Atrium Commons, you can find slat boards titled “Happenings” and “Special Events.” While enjoying coffee or tea after services, you can find postings with the latest information on our programs and activities.

For a list of happenings at FUS, please see the News From the Red Floors (listed below)or click here to visit our event calendar.


News From the Red Floors

This is our weekly bulletin featuring the worship schedule, current and upcoming events, and program promotions. Copies are included in each order of service and are e-mailed to all members, visitors, and affiliates each Friday. You can also pick up a copy at the Landmark and Atrium entrances throughout the week. Contributions to the Red Floors related to happenings at FUS are welcomed. The deadline for submissions is Thursday at 10 am for the upcoming weekend. To see the latest Red Floors or to make a submission, visit our Red Floors page by clicking here.

The Madison Unitarian

Our monthly newsletter, The Madison Unitarian, features articles, poetry, and columns focused on our monthly worship theme. All members and affiliates receive subscriptions by mail or email. Past editions can be found by visiting our Madison Unitarian page by clicking here.

Guide to the UUniverse

For a comprehensive guide on all things FUS, check out our electronic version of the Guide to the UUniverse. Paper copies of the publication are available (one per household, please) in the Landmark and Atrium.

FUS Online

Social Media

Find us on social media! We’re on Facebook and Instagram.


Our Sunday services are streamed live on the web at 9 am and 11 am. Visit our “Watch Live!” page by clicking here.

FUS Website

Our website is the most comprehensive source for all things FUS. Please visit our website FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions about our FUS website.