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Welcome Fellow Curious Person!
First Unitarian Society is a community based on a shared, open, and honest curiosity about the world, seen and unseen. Our lives are enhanced by looking beyond the horizon, to each other, and within our selves, and finding inspiration and company. We know what we do matters, and that we need to care and live with integrity.

Spiritual Curiosity, connected to a life of conscience. It doesn't tell you everything about First Unitarian Society, or Unitarian Universalism, but it starts the conversation. And because spiritual exploration and seeking integrity are a life journey, and traveling is richer when you do it together, we band together in community. And that in a nutshell is the heart of FUS.

So, if you are a curious seeker and would like some convivial company, welcome to our community. We look forward to meeting you and learning with, and from, you.

p.s. A good way to learn more about us is to fill out our visitor form. Rest assured we never sell or share your name or information and will happily abide by any and all requests for more, or less information.

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