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Saturdays @ 4:30 pm in the Landmark Auditorium

Sundays @ 9 & 11 am in the Atrium Auditorium & Online

In-Person Coffee Hour: Sundays @ 10 am in the Atrium Commons

February 4 & 5 - ``Willing to Be Changed by What You Started ``

Unitarian Universalism describes itself as a living tradition: a faith capable of evolving as the needs of the world change, and as our own understanding of what justice and love demand of us grows. Even the touchstones most frequently used to describe our religion—the Seven Principles — have been changed and rewritten over time. Now we are in the midst of considering, as a movement, a new potential revision. Join us for a service in which we’ll consider what it means to hold a faith with the resilience to change, and examine the new wording that may become a new touchstone for us, if approved by our congregations over the next two years. On Saturday, Teen Choir will sing. On Sunday, Choristers & Cherub Choirs will sing.

February 11 & 12 - ``Love Persevering``

For a decade and a half now, Side With Love–our movement’s national social justice campaign–has earned us a happy moniker among some organizers and activists: the Love People. Love has many admirable qualities, but in the struggle for a more just, equitable, and free society, its determination to persist in the face of pain and disappointment may be the most crucial. On the weekend before Valentine’s Day’s celebration of romantic and commercial love, join us for a service to appreciate how love calls us on. Meeting House Chorus will sing.

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