Covid Update: Due to the ongoing pandemic, the lack of vaccinations for young children, and our limited capacities to assure safety, we have decided that it would be prudent to NOT offer childcare to infants and toddlers during the 2021-22 academic year. Should circumstances change significantly, we will revisit this, but at this time we are moving forward with the expectation of not being able to safely offer childcare in the coming year. We so regret this reality, but are doing this to keep both your children and our teenage childcare workers safe. Please know that you and your infant/toddler are welcome in Baby Haven (our cry room at the back of the Atrium Auditorium), in the Auditorium, or in the Commons/Loggia area.


Our childcare room is a dedicated space for infants and toddlers and care is designed to be developmentally appropriate. This means we want kids to have fun and play during their time with us! The room is staffed by teen childcare providers and a coordinator who supervises the teens and oversees room operations. During special events, we also care for older children and tailor care to the needs of the child.

Childcare for services

Childcare is always available for infants and toddlers during our worship services. If you are visiting, please go directly to the childcare room located halfway down the hall of the Courtyard Classroom hallway.

If you need to register for your child’s regular attendance at worship services, please do so through the registration process for CRE Registration. Click here, go to the Online Registration links, and select the time you intend to attend services.

(Need to register for an event instead? Fill out the form below.)

Childcare for events

Childcare is also available for some events outside of normal service times. To guarantee childcare at events offering it, you must sign up at least one week before the event. Popular events will reach capacity, so please register early using the form below.

If you have any questions, please contact Sophie Granger.

Childcare Request (Event Only)

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