FUS Website FAQ

In 2016, we underwent a website renovation to create an appealing and easy to navigate website. While we’re still tweaking various elements, we know it’s important for you to find the information you need when you need it. Below are answers to questions we frequently receive from visitors and members alike.

Where do I find information about services?

Upcoming Services:  Information about upcoming services is available on the home page. Scroll down the page until you see “Upcoming Service Information.” There you’ll find a description for the weekend services. Information is updated on Mondays.

Past Services:  Information about services that have already occurred, please visit www.fusmadison.org/worship/sermons-trust/.

Live Streaming Current Services:  A link to our current livestream can be found by visiting the home page and scrolling down to “Services Available Online” or by visiting www.fusmadison.org/worship/livestream/.

Special Winter Holiday Services:  To access a list of our special holiday services, please visit the home page and scroll down to “Christmas Eve and Special Services” between November and December.

Where do I find FUS publications?

To access our publications, please visit the “Communications” page under “Community” on the menu bar.

A link to the News From the Red Floors can be found at www.fusmadison.org/redfloors/.

A link to our current and past editions of the newsletter, The Madison Unitarian, can be found at www.fusmadison.org/getting-involved/madison-unitarian/.

A link to our annual Guide to the UUniverse, a comprehensive guide for the current program year can be found by clicking this PDF.

Where do I find special events?

Throughout the year, FUS holds regular events that require registration or need a volunteer sign-up link. These pages are added temporarily and removed shortly after the event.

To find fundraising events such as Cabaret or Art in the Wright Place, click on “Give” on the menu bar and scroll down to the name of the event.

To find social justice events such as Service Saturday, click on “Social Justice” on the menu bar and scroll down to the name of the event.

To find other community events such as Trees for Tomorrow, click on “Community” on the menu bar and scroll down to the name of the event.

These specialized pages will also be announced in the News From the Red Floors with a direct link to the webpage.

Where do I find information about Meeting House tours?

Our Landmark Meeting House is listed as a National Historic Landmark designed by renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

To learn more about our tour offerings or to schedule a group tour, please visit our tour page under “Welcome” on the menu bar. The direct link can be found at www.fusmadison.org/welcome/meeting-house/tours/.

Where do I find staff information and how to contact FUS?

Visit “Contact Us” on the menu bar to find information about staff members, contact information, and job openings.

Our staff members happy to help you. Please visit our staff page by clicking the link https://fusmadison.org/welcome/our-staff-2/.

Our business hours, worship times, and contact information can always be found in the black footer at the bottom of our webpage.

We’re open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. You can contact us by phone at 608-233-9774 or at info@fusmadison.org.


Where do I find information about pledging?

For questions about pledging for our Annual Campaign, including FAQs, how to make a payment or dontation, and types of gifts such as a legacy or stock gift, please visit the “Give” tab on the menu bar. Under this drop down menu, you will find specific inforamtion on Ways to Give, the Annual Campaign, Capital Campaign, and the Wright the Roof Campaign. You can also click here to get started: https://fusmadison.org/support-us/.

If you have general questions about pledging or donating, please contact Project Coordinator, Cheryll Mellenthin at cheryllm@fusmadison.org or at 608-233-9774 ext. 130.

If you have questions about making a pledge via Ministry Platform, please contact Office Manager, Florence Jessup, at florencej@fusmadison.org or at 608-233-9774 ext. 110.

Where do I find information about how to volunteer?

FUS is a “large and lovely place” and our volunteers are essential to making life at FUS possible. The volunteer opportunities are endless and there is something for everyone! From making coffee for services to teaching in our Children’s Religious Education program to social justice causes, there is a place for you and your talents!

To learn about opportunities, visit our “Volunteer” page under “Community” on the menu bar. Here you’ll find various volunteer opportunities. Click here to get started https://fusmadison.org/getting-involved/small-group-ministry/.

To volunteer during worship services to usher, greet, or make coffee, visit our sign-up site at http://www.fusvolunteer.net/. This website is also accessible on the menu bar under “Community” and then “Volunteer.” You should see a separate link called “Worship Volunteers.”

You can also contact our Director of Membership and Adult Programs, Janet Swanson, at janets@fusmadison.org or at 608-233-9774 ext. 124 for questions or other opportunities.

How do I find Religious Education offerings (for Children and Adults)?

Our Religious Education programs are designed to meet the needs of our diverse community.

To learn more about Children’s Religious Education programs, how to register, and who to contact, please visit the “Children & Youth” tab on the menu bar. You can also start here at https://fusmadison.org/cre/.

To learn more about Adult Religious Education offerings, including a list of recommended readings, please visit the “Adults” tab on the menu bar. You can also start here at https://fusmadison.org/spiritual-programs/.

How do I find information about events (using the event calendar feature)?

We’re a big and busy place (and so grateful to host so many wonderful opportunities). To find the most up-to-date information, including times, room location, and contact information, please utilize our event calendar feature. Our room reservation system uses this calendar, so it also includes events where community organizations have rented a space at FUS.

You can find this calendar under “Community” then “Event Calendar” on the menu bar, or directly by clicking this link https://public.serviceu.com/Calendar/?OrgKey=16968d05-af09-4714-afd9-b28795edd250&rendermode=standard%20target=_blank.

*Please note: this website is only linked to the FUS website and cannot be updated by the Communications Coordinator. If you have questions, please contact Office Manager, Florence Jessup, at florencej@fusmadison.org or at 608-233-9774 ext. 110.

Where do I find FUS on social media?

FUS is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

You can use the gray bar near the bottom of the webpage to visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fusmadison

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fusmadison

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fusmadison/