Exiles Return

Exiles Return is WMUU’s new world music show. The show first aired on WMUU on August 20, 2016, although an earlier one-hour version of Exiles Return aired from Jan-Dec 2012 on WSUM, the University of Wisconsin-Madison student radio station.

Exiles Return is hosted by FUS Audio Specialist Elizabeth Delaquess, who has been programming music shows since 2010. Elizabeth has been the primary substitute host of Diaspora, a world music show on WORT 89.9 FM, for the last several years, and also hosted and produced Exiles Return on WSUM 91.7 FM from January through December 2012. The music on Exiles Return is incredibly varied, and will include Mongolian rock to Senegalese folk music to Jamaican jazz, and everything in between.

Like most of the content on WMUU, Exiles Return is pre-recorded, so you may not contact Elizabeth during the show to ask what is being played, or to ask for requests. However, playlists are read twice during the show, and are available online. Requests are not being taken at this time, although we may take a cue from Wisconsin Public Radio’s Simply Folk and do a monthly request show – it depends on who’s listening and who wants to hear their favorite songs from around the world!