2018-2019 Annual Campaign

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Make a Pledge

Pledge payments from our membership sustain our Society and make up nearly 70% of our annual revenue. Commit to financially supporting FUS in 2018-2019. Please click and download the attached PDF and return to FUS at your earliest convenience. This form will allow you to both pledge and set up payment simultaneously.

Filling out a paper pledge form is significantly more effective and efficient than setting up a pledge and pledge payment online given current system limitations. However, if you feel more comfortable making a pledge online, please click here.

Please note that if you’d like reoccurring EFTs or credit card payments to begin more than 30 days from today, you’ll need to contact Florence Jessup. If you’d like to make a one-time or reoccurring pledge payment, effective this month, please do so here.

Giving Guides

Unsure how much to pledge? The UUA’s Giving Guide can help you decide.


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. For more information, contact Monica Nolan.

We are the 2,069 members and affiliates of the First Unitarian Society of Madison.

Our mission is reflected in all we do here – in our education program for all ages, in our justice work, in our worship, and in the actions taken on a day-to-day basis by our talented and committed staff.  We have been holding this mission close as we enter a complex time in the life of our community. The theme of this campaign is Rediscovering FUS: Exploring the Fire within us, the Unity among us, and the Strength beyond us. We see this as an invitation to look once again at our community, to find all that is offered here.

This year’s annual campaign is setting its sights on increasing staff wages. The UUA believes fair wages align with our values of equity and justice and is essential for the long-term retention of qualified and experienced staff. We estimate if 400 of our members increase their monthly pledge by $20 a month or more, we could raise all staff compensation to meet the UUA salary recommendations.