UU the Vote is a national effort by Unitarian Universalists to continue our tradition’s legacy of advocating for the democratic process and our call to create a more just and equitable world. Learn more about this national effort at www.uuthevote.org. You can also join our more local efforts and watch our worship service on UU the Vote below.

Commit to UU the Vote Action

Rev. Kelly and Rev. Roger announced during the October 4 service a UU the Vote initiative among the three largest UU congregations in Wisconsin–FUS, First Unitarian Society in Milwaukee, and the Fox Valley UU Fellowship in Appleton. The ministers of all three congregations are urging all of our congregants to get involved in the November election through voter engagement activities such as phone-banking. Please join Kelly and Roger in giving at least a few hours of your time. There is no doubt this is a consequential election, and we live in a key state. We believe that bringing our UU values of love and justice to the vote is a theological mandate. Contact Kelly or Roger if you have questions.

Watch the worship service on UU the Vote