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UUCM Mission Statement

We are the Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry (UUCM) group associated with FUS.  UUCM exists as a space for Madison-area students to create community with others who believe in a free and responsible, lifelong search for truth and meaning.

Our community consists of UU’s and non-UU’s alike who recognize the spirituality in connection. Connection with the self, with other people, and with the wider universe beyond.

We exist because we believe the journey is richer when traveled together.  [Adapted from the UUCM Bylaws.]

When We Gather

When school is in session, we gather…

  • On the UW-Madison campus monthly
  • At FUS on the 2nd Saturday of the month for worship and the congregational potluck

See our kept-up-to-date schedule of events to confirm time and place

Learn More

UUCM is student-led.  Contact student leader Zoe McCartney at  Zoe is a 2nd-year student at UW-Madison and is eager for your questions.

Discover more about UUism.