2019 Wartmann Lecture Series

Welcome to our Wartmann Lecture Series! For 2019, we’re hosting three events:  a StorySlam Workshop, a StorySlam event, and the traditional Joyce & William Wartmann Lecture. To learn more, click here to read about the Wartmann Lecture Series.

The Wartmann Lecture Series is the dream and effort of the late Joyce & William Wartmann.

Led by Ex-Fabula

Theme: “Living Your Truth: Stories of Social Justice, Inclusion, & Saving the Planet”

*Please note there are no age restrictions for this event, but some content might not be appropriate for those under 16 years of age. Because the nature of StorySlams are true stories shared in an open-mic format, we do not control the content or have any prior knowledge of what stories might be told.*

Traditional & Youth Lectures