The Board of Trustees listens to and learns from the congregation.

All are invited to attend our annual Parish Meetings. Our next parish meeting will be held on Sunday, February 11.

Congregational survey results from 606 FUS respondents are available. Special thanks to FUS member Nate Henry, who did this project for us pro bono. Thanks to all who filled it out.

The Board of Trustees sets the short- and long-term mission of the church.

Our current Vision of Ministry is to…
-Increase opportunities for exposure to the rich diversity of human experiences, beliefs, and identities within our FUS community and in the larger world.
-Build and nurture deeper connections among our members in all our work.
-Live our UU principles within our larger community.

The Board of Trustees creates policies to guide the staff and membership in carrying out that mission.

Read our policy manual to learn more about our institutional structure.

You can also read our bylaws.

2017-2018 Board Members

Joe Kremer

Board President

Michael Lienau

March Schweitzer

Dorit Bergen

Maureen Friend

Chip Quade

John McGevna

Allison Cotter

Youth Advisory Member

Henry Hill-Gorman

Youth Advisory Member

Kelly Crocker

(ex officio)

Monica Nolan

(ex officio)

Michael Schuler

(ex officio)