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The sermon information and videos for October 13 & October 20 can be found below.

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October 5 & 6 – “On Belonging”

Speaker: The Worship Team | September 30, 2019

October begins, and so does the theme of belonging. Mark Morrison-Reed writes, “The central task of the religious community is to unveil the bonds that bind each to all.” This month we will unveil those...

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October 12 & 13 – “Circle Round”
with Carin Bringelson, Intern Minister

In the Landmark area of the building, we can see many triangles if we know to look for them. What happens when we start to look for circles in our congregational life and in our life beyond these walls? Using circles as a theme, we will explore how we feel when we belong—and how might we help the next person feel like they belong, too.

October 19 & 20 – “Radical Welcome & Holy Disruption”
with the Rev. Kelly J. Crocker, Denise Jess, & Claire Box

We have often used the term “radical hospitality” in terms of the welcome that we would like to extend to everyone who walks through our doors. Radical means out of the ordinary, perhaps even revolutionary. What would it mean for us to receive one another and everyone with a revolutionary welcome? This weekend we will be joined by FUS member Claire Box and Denise Jess, Executive Director of the WI Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired.