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Whether you’ve given regularly in the past or never contributed before, there’s a place for you in our Capital Campaign. Consider what you’re able to pledge, with the resources you’ve been given, and how that can help make a difference in this shared community. You’ll be investing in more than a roof and furnishings, you’ll be investing in our legacy.

Capital Campaign giving is a two-part process. First is to Pledge your Gift. Pledging is making a commitment to give. You can pledge here. The second step is Setting Up Your Gift. This involves setting up payments over 1-3 years in the amount of your choice. You can set up your gift here.

This campaign will be successful if members, on average, give two to three times the amount of their annual campaign pledge with some giving more. Gifts vary based on income, expenses, and personal circumstance. A capital campaign gift is separate from the contributions made for the annual campaign.

Thank you for your support!