July 14 - ``Keeping the Faith``

Rev. Kelly Asprooth-Jackson
In a world of great complexity, our attention, our energy, our very lives, are often pulled in many different directions. Because of this, one of our greatest and most important challenges is to remain loyal and steadfast to that which matters most, even in the face of an infinite number of competing interests. In this service, we’ll reflect together on what matters most, and seek out the courage and tenacity to hold to it in trying times. The Three Sopranos—Tamara Brognano, Julie Collins, and Dara Degnan—sing works for vocal trio.

July 21 - ``By Their Fruits Shall Ye Know Them``

Rev. Kelly Asprooth-Jackson
Much of how the various religions of the world are studied and explained comes down to their ideas, doctrines, teachings and beliefs. Apologists for one faith or another often rely on these points to justify the goodness or necessity of their particular tradition. And religion, as Unitarian Universalists, certainly has its own field of teachings and ideas. But it also comes with a profound emphasis on a different and more stringent standard: that the value of religion is to be judged not from its intention or ideal, but by its impact. Music will include singing by our Anybody Choir.

July 28 - ``Keeping the 'Ministry' in Administration: Lessons in Leadership from an Unlikely Manager``

Rev. Andy Karlson
In this service, FUS Affiliated Minister, Chaplain, and UW Health Spiritual Care Manager Andy Karlson will share lessons learned from his leadership role just across the street. One piano, four hands! Bryan Rainey and Linda Warren play piano duets.