Ours is by no means a conventional church.

First Unitarian Society of Madison is an independent, non-creedal, and theologically diverse community that “makes integrity of life its first aim and leaves thought free,” in the words of our 1878 Bond of Union. We enjoy a well-earned reputation for inclusiveness, hospitality, and excellence in programming.

From its world-class architecture to its innovative and age-appropriate children’s religious education classes, from sermons that draw from the wisdom of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers to social justice work that works, this is a faith community that seeks to make a difference in the world.

No matter your age, sexual identity, race, ethnicity, or religious background you will find kindred spirits at First Unitarian Society of Madison. We are, in the end, a community of spiritual seekers, people with more questions than answers who view life as an open-ended quest for deeper understanding and more meaningful connection. Join Us!