FUS for People with Special Needs

First Unitarian Society is a welcoming congregation for everyone, including people with special needs.

Accessible parking spots are clearly marked. Several are van-sized. The rest of the main lot is primarily for people with mobility needs during our worship services and other large events. This includes people with small children, people who can’t walk very far, and visitors who may not know the way from the other lots. Additional parking is available on Marshall Court.

Entrances and Routes
The Atrium building is accessible. Door openers are on the reverse side of the pillars. Look behind you after you pass the post. The elevator is past the upper level auditorium doors. The buttons are hard to see but they are on the right of the door.

Landmark Auditorium main entrance has a steep wooden ramp and no power door openers. It is easier to use the nursery school door west of main entrance by the bike rack. This entrance is level and has power doors. Turn right after entering and go around the corner and down the hall to access the auditorium.

To get to the Landmark Auditorium from the Atrium Auditorium (or vice versa) without using stairs, follow the green line on the map below or go outside across the parking lot. The connecting doors between the Landmark and Atrium areas are heavy. In good weather, it may be easier to go outside.

Fire Exits
Landmark exits are all accessible. Atrium Building parking lot level exits are accessible.

Main floor exits: either exit to the left of the auditorium and ask someone to help you up the outside steps or exit past the classrooms and have someone help you. These two exits are not truly fire exits but are called ‘designated areas of assistance.’  The fire department will check to see if anyone is waiting there to be assisted when they come.

Landmark auditorium main entrance: NOT accessible
Gaebler living room area: the restroom on the right is NOT accessible; the left side restroom is accessible and companion–friendly.
Atrium main bathrooms: Accessible
Atrium classroom bathrooms: Accessible and companion–friendly

Vision Help
Large print hymnals and orders of service are usually available. Please ask the usher.

Hearing Help
Hearing amplifiers are available and looping devices for your hearing aid will be available soon. Please ask the usher.

*Please note that our hearing assistant devices and amplification system will be down for several weeks in October 2022. We hope to remedy the issue as quickly as possible!

Chemical Sensitivities
A surprisingly large number of people can be made seriously ill by scents such as perfumes and scented soap. We ask people to not wear them to the Meeting House.

Mental Health Needs
Please contact our Co-Senior Minister, Rev. Kelly Crocker to discuss and explain your needs. There are special areas outside both auditoriums where you can hear the service without being in the main space if you need to be able to move about or talk.

Children with Special Needs
We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person and acceptance of one another. For some children, meaningful participation in classes may require extra assistance. There are inclusion buddies who can work one-on-one with children in the classroom to help make our classes accessible to all children. Please contact the Director of Children’s Religious Exploration, Leslie Ross, or call 608-233-9774 x119 for more information. There are places outside both auditoriums where you can hear the service but have room for your child to wiggle or talk.

Questions and Feedback
If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call 608-233-9774 and ask for Monica Nolan or ask any of the greeters or ushers.

Please contact us with your questions and needs – we’ll be happy to try to make everything work well for you. Please provide feedback on how we can make our space more welcoming for you and how we can make this webpage better.

For more information on UU accessibility nationwide, contact Equual Access at www.equualaccess.org.


Webpage Author

This webpage was created by me, Leah Sinclair, for my 2015 Girl Scout Gold Award project. I did this project to help people with special needs who come to First Unitarian Society feel welcome.