A vision statement reflects the hopes of the congregation: who we want to be and where we hope to go in the next 5-10 years.

A mission statement reflects how we plan to get there and states our core values, what matters to us as a community.

Over the 2022-23 church year, the congregation of First Unitarian Society, led by a Vision & Mission Task Force, developed the following statements, which were officially adopted by the congregation at the Spring Parish Meeting on May 21, 2023.


Vision Statement:

The vision of First Unitarian Society is to be a spiritual community of belonging. We will transform ourselves and society through the practices of radical welcome, deep listening, and compassionate, authentic connection. We envision a world fueled by love and justice.


Mission Statement:

At First Unitarian Society, we question boldly, listen humbly, grow spiritually, act courageously, and love unapologetically.




The congregation thanks the members of 2022-23 Vision & Mission Task Force for their leadership and hard work:

Emily Cusic Putnam, Emily Smith, Larry Johnson, Lisa Munro, Joy Stieglitz Gottschalk, Rev. Kelly Crocker, and Rev. Kelly Asprooth-Jackson