This past fall, the Vision and Mission Task Force asked you for your thoughts and ideas on who we are as a community and who you hope we are becoming together. We have spent the last few months processing what we heard, aiming to listen deeply and write mission and vision statements that reflect the essence of what you shared. As a result, we now have draft statements to share with you! We hope you are as excited to read them as we are to share them with you.

As a reminder, a vision statement is the hopes of the congregation, who we want to be and where we hope to go in the next 5-10 years. A mission statement is how we are going to get there and states our core values, what matters to us as a community.


Vision Statement:

The vision of First Unitarian Society is to be a community of belonging. Through the practices of welcome, deep listening, and compassionate, authentic connection, we will create radical possibilities for transformation in ourselves and society. We envision a world fueled by love and justice.


Mission Statement:

At First Unitarian Society, we question boldly, listen humbly, grow spiritually, act courageously, and love unapologetically.


After March 31, the task force will use your feedback to create final versions of these statements which we as a congregation will vote on at the May 21 parish meeting. We are immensely grateful to you for being part of the congregational process of writing these mission and vision statements!

Attend a feedback session virtually or in person:

Saturday, March 18 in person at 5:45 pm (Landmark Auditorium)

Monday, March 20 on Zoom at 6:30 pm

Sunday, March 26 in person at 10 am (Atrium Auditorium)