Rites of Passage

Child Dedications

A child dedication is a uniquely Unitarian Universalist naming ceremony which offers parents the opportunity to have their child blessed by our congregation, their family, and our ministers. It’s an opportunity for the¬†congregation to commit to helping the child grow in ways of love, truth, justice, and peace. Contact Rev. Kelly Crocker to discuss or schedule a child dedication.


Unitarian Universalists regard marriage as one of the most significant passages two humans will experience in a lifetime and believe it should rightfully be accompanied by both ritual observance and festive celebration. At FUS, weddings reflect the unique personalities and intentions of a specific couple, as well as accurately represent the faith tradition that provides the context for the occasion.


Services to honor loved ones who have passed on are very personal occasions. In Unitarian Universalism, these services are developed by the family of the deceased and the presiding minister in ways that specially honor the memory of that individual. First Unitarian Society is able to assist members and non-members alike in planning and scheduling end of life celebrations.