2020 Spring Parish Meeting

Our Spring Parish Meeting was held virtually on Sunday, May 31, at 11:30 am following our 10 am worship service.


We’ll be holding this meeting by Zoom. The link is accessible via the button below. (Click here if you need information on how to download Zoom.) Or you can dial-in to the meeting from your phone. Simply call (312) 626-6799 and enter the Meeting ID: 974 5065 4206 when prompted.

We will vote on several important items including:

  • candidates for the Board of Trustees, Foundation Board of Trustees, and the Board of Trustees President-elect position
  • the Ministerial Search Committee members
  • the annual budget for 2020-2021

We’ll also hear from the Foundation and the Stewardship Ministry Team, and receive an update on our interim transition. We’re excited to be welcoming the Rev. Roger Bertschausen to FUS on August 1!

Please keep the following items in mind for this virtual meeting:

  • Our bylaws indicate that members in good standing are eligible to vote. A member is someone who has officially signed our membership book and has made a financial contribution within the last fiscal year. Waivers are available for those individuals who are not able to make a financial contribution. Please review your membership status prior to the meeting and vote only if eligible.
  • We’ll need a quorum of 70 members for this meeting. Your gift of time will allow us to continue with our important work.
  • Votes will be conducted with a simple physical hand-raising. Please help us ensure we record the vote for all household members by remaining visible while votes are counted. If you are calling by phone, your “yea” or “nay” vote will be taken verbally when we call your name.
  • Please click the button below to access the electronic meeting materials.

2020 Financial Forum Information

Our 2020 financial forum was held on Sunday, May 17, at 12:30 pm via Zoom. Please click the buttons below to access the meeting materials and recording.


the democratic church

At the heart of our congregation is our membership. Members ratify the annual budget, change the bylaws, and elect our leaders, including our ministers. The rights and power of our members are real and make a difference.

The organizational structure and philosophy of First Unitarian Society of Madison reflect the American Revolutionary roots of our church. Historically, Unitarian and Universalist churches have been at the forefront of many of the human rights struggles of modern American history. Members were active in the writing of the Constitution, the underground railroad, the opposition of slavery, prohibition, women’s suffrage, civil rights, gay and lesbian rights, immigrant rights, and many more issues. We are passionate about democracy, and that is how our church is organized: from the ground up rather than from the top down.

Want more information? Read our policy manual to learn more about our institutional structure and our bylaws to learn more about our governance.

Parish meetings are an important part of the Society’s governance. View our most recent meetings below or catch up with all of them on our YouTube channel.

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