Stewardship Campaign

Steve Goldberg, Stewardship Campaign Chair

Welcome to our 2019-2020 Stewardship Campaign–your opportunity to help our thriving community achieve the following:

  • Provide full support for Religious Education and youth programming so all our young people will feel valued here.
  • Offer a wide range of holistic family events, programs, and experiences to help families thrive.
  • Make sure that all of our member programs and services are fully staffed and resourced so FUS can serve as a thriving spiritual home across generations.
  • Become an even stronger force for social and environmental justice.
  • Increase our ability to host numerous community events in our welcoming space, thus expanding our community engagement while creating a robust revenue stream.
  • Actively leverage our world-class music program as a community outreach tool.
  • …and much more!

Take a look at the information provided below and decided how much you want to contribute so FUS can achieve these things and more. And Thank You for being a real “FUS” – First Unitarian Steward.

Stewardship is the collective responsibility for something bigger than ourselves.

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UUA Giving Guides

The UUA provides a giving guide to assist you with the pledging process.


Our frequently asked questions page is here to help, but please contact us if you still have questions. You can also read the 2019 Pledge Packet by clicking here.

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Contact Us

For questions about the Stewardship Campaign or pledging, please contact Project Coordinator, Cheryll Mellenthin at 608-233-9774 ext. 130 or