Welcome to our 2020-2021 Stewardship Campaign!

We are the stewards of the First Unitarian Society. Together, we undertake the call to be a force for good in this world through the promotion of truth, righteousness, reverence, and charity among all (from our Continuing Bond of Union).

As stewards, we are entrusted to nurture and build on the legacy of our community, so future generations may benefit from our rich religious heritage. Our work is only made possible through the giving of our time, our talents, and our financial means. Our individual generosity is magnified when we give together.

Our 2020 Stewardship Campaign is your opportunity to declare your financial intentions for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. By raising $1.17 million together, we will meet our goal. We celebrate the great diversity among us, including the diversity of financial situations. Your gift, regardless of the amount, is vital to our work.

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A PDF paper pledge form can be downloaded by clicking the button above. You can bring your paper pledge form to our office or mail it to us at 900 University Bay Drive, Madison, WI 53705.