FUS Foundation of Madison, Inc.

Building Long-Term Financial Support for the Programs and Services of FUS

For more than 47 years, the First Unitarian Society Foundation of Madison has consistently provided growing annual financial support for the programs and services of FUS. The Foundation’s funds support general and specific programming, including our cherished work in social justice, youth, music, education, maintenance, and renovation. A gift to the Foundation now or through your estate plan ensures that this financial support will continue to grow for future generations.

Making a Gift to the Foundation

The Foundation accepts gifts of cash, stock, and – in some cases – property. You can name the Foundation in your will or trust, or as a beneficiary of a retirement fund or insurance policy. Donors also make gifts during their lifetime, often gifting appreciated stock or directing gifts from an IRA to take advantage of tax benefits.


A gift to the Foundation should be directed to:

First Unitarian Society Foundation of Madison, Inc.

900 University Bay Dr.

Madison, WI 53705

Federal Tax ID 23-7401450


You may specify a fund for your gift, or you can have the Foundation’s Board direct your gift to the area of most need. The Foundation’s funds are located in the tabs below. If you would like to make a gift to the Foundation (either during your lifetime or in your estate plan), or if you would like more information, contact

Connie Beam at 608.658.4656 or dabeams@charter.net.

Foundation Funds

Learn about Foundation funds you can support by clicking on each tab below.

The Stonehaulers’ Fund. Supports capital expenditures related to the maintenance, repair, restoration, modification, and renovation of the FUS facilities.

The Charlotte A. Helstad Fund. Used for maintenance of the Meeting House buildings and grounds.

Charles H. Vilas Fund. Supports the care and maintenance of the FUS buildings.

The Society Fund. An unrestricted fund used to support the Society’s annual operations and microfinance investments.

The Elizabeth Stucki Nicholson Fund. Provides support to the Society’s operating budget from the Stucki Family.

The Program Enhancement Fund. Provides annual support for special FUS programs.

The Bill and Joyce Wartmann Music Fund. Supports the Society’s music program.

The Bill and Joyce Wartmann Human Sexuality Lecture Series Endowment. Used for public lectures and programming on human sexuality, human rights, and/or social or environmental justice.

The Gerald A. and Joyce J. Bartell Memorial Endowment. Funds liberal religious education, divided equally between children’s and adult education.

The Janet Stonecipher Ministry Fund. Supports engagement of ministerial interns.

The Arnie and Sam Clay Teen Program Fund. Supports special youth programs.

The Betsy Frantz Fund. Used for the benefit of students at the UW-Madison.

The Channing Murray Fund. Supports activities of the FUS Campus Ministry.

The Altmeyer Social Concerns Fund. Supports the FUS Social Justice programs.

The Bicknell-Burgoon Fund for Social and Economic Justice. Supports social justice programs.

The Kenny, Gorski, Fisher Memorial Fund. Supports social justice programs in Wisconsin.

The William and Joyce Wartmann Political and Social Justice Fund. Used to sustain local poverty-related projects initiated and monitored by the FUS Social Justice Committee.

About the Foundation

Board of Directors

Connie Beam, President
Carol Stang, Vice President
Kendall Harrison, Secretary
Dean Hessler, Treasurer
Annette Hellmer, Director
David Kuenzi, Director
Kathy Luker, Director
Peter Marion, Director
Kurt Stege, Director

History & Governance

The First Unitarian Society Foundation of Madison was established by the First Unitarian Society at a parish meeting on May 14, 1972, and was incorporated as The First Unitarian Society Foundation of Madison, Inc. on April 26, 1973. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, legally separate from FUS.

The goals of the Foundation are to

  • Facilitate tax-exempt gifts and bequests into endowment-type funds in support of FUS;
  • Ensure that donor intent is honored when funds are distributed to FUS; and
  • Manage the wise investment of those funds for the long-term sustainable benefit of FUS.

The Foundation Board has nine members elected by the parish to serve rotating three-year terms. The Foundation Board elects its officers at its annual meeting in July.

Assets & Report to the Congregation

As of December 31, 2022, the Foundation manages 20 funds with a market value of $3,257,948. The Foundation adheres to a conservative “prudent investor” investment philosophy. Assets are pooled and invested in a mix of equity and bond investment funds. Portfolio performance is monitored quarterly and all investment transactions are reviewed and approved by the Foundation’s Directors.

The Foundation’s standard payout policy is to annually disburse 5% of a fund’s three-year December 31 market value average. The goal of this policy is to allow funds to grow while, at the same time, increase annual disbursements to FUS. The policy has a smoothing effect on the return on investment and provides a stable and predictable contribution to FUS’s annual budget.

Click on the links below to read the attached documents:

2023 Report to the Congregation

2021 & 2022 Audited Financial Statements

2020 Report to the Congregation

2022 ESG Report to the FUS Board of Trustees


Please note that our fiscal year runs from July 1 – June 30.