Small Groups

In addition to attending worship services, we hope that you will also seek out deeper and more personal connections within the community. One way our members and visitors find to do this is through our Small Group Ministries.

Small group ministry brings us together in a regular and intentional way, to deepen our experiences and better connect them to our larger faith community. The definition of a small group is “a group of people who come together on a regular schedule to listen to and be present with one another in an atmosphere of respect, understanding and appreciation.”

Small groups at FUS are categorized in three different groups.


Chalice Groups

Chalice groups are structured: beginning and ending with centering readings and often including a time of silence before the sharing begins. The goals are threefold: to engage members deeply and with intent, to bring people together in regular and intentional ways, and to deepen our shared experience.

To help build trust among members and ensure the most nurturing and accepting environment, Chalice groups are limited in membership and enrollment.

Learn more about Chalice Groups.

Spiritual Practice Groups

Spiritual Practice groups are gathered around a defined practice (think meditation or tai chi) and welcome all who are interested in deepening their spiritual life and engaging in an intentional practice with others on the journey. Unlike Chalice groups, these groups are open to all, on a drop-in basis. No prior experience or knowledge is required and groups meet on a weekly basis.

Learn more about Spiritual Practice Groups.

tai chi

Exploration Groups

Exploration groups meet on a regular basis to offer a deeper understanding centered around a shared focus. These groups may center around discussion or a shared activity and are the most fluid in their structure. Whether a book club, a knitting group, or a gathering of folks discussing the most recent sermon, members explore topics and issues in a welcoming and thoughtful environment. Exploration groups are varied in membership, timing, and frequency.

Learn more about Exploration Groups.

Journey Circles

Journey Circles: Theme-Based Covenant Group Ministry

Journey Circles are comprised of small groups of 6–10 individuals that meet once a month and are facilitated by a trained volunteer. Reflection and discussion at each two-hour gathering will focus specifically on our congregational monthly theme, and our time will be structured to help us set aside daily distractions and make connections with one another.

Why would someone want to join a Journey Circle? In a large faith community such as ours, small groups are a pathway to deeper connection and fulfilling engagement. As we extend ourselves to one another, we find space in these small groups to deeply listen to others, to learn more about ourselves, and to create meaningful relationships where intentional community thrives.

Journey Circles Logos 2019

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Have an idea for a group you’d like to explore? We’d love to help! Contact our Director of Membership & Adult Programs, Janet Swanson.