Website Changes

Dear FUS Community,

Many of you have shared with me your experiences using our website either by email, in conversation, or through our website class offerings last fall. Your feedback has been valuable and we’re¬†making changes.

Our new website launched in early 2017 and is the result of several months of work and conversations. While we’re not anticipating a redesign for some time yet, we are making significant changes to the menu bar navigation and the homepage.

Our menu bar and the pages that follow are not intuitive for many of us. As a result, we’ve added a “Member” section, changed “Community” to “Happenings,” and changed “Social Justice” to¬†“Justice” to be inclusive of our growing environmental justice work (and in keeping with the language used by other UU congregations). As a result, several of the pages under each menu item¬†have moved to create a more intuitive user experience. However, we have not changed the web addresses for these pages. If you’ve bookmarked a page, you should still be able to access it¬†from your bookmarks, but you might not find it in the same place on the menu bar.

We’ve also created a visual guide to assist you with where to find a page in the new layout. You can access this document by clicking the button below. Another great feature of the new layout is¬†the ease of logging in to Ministry Platform. If you click on “Members” on the menu bar, a new page will load and allow you to log in.

You’ll also notice a significant change to our homepage look, but don’t worry as all your favorites are still accessible. Our main slider images have changed to include our worship schedule and an introduction to our community in the rotation. The three boxes below the mission statement have changed visually and operationally. The first box titled, “Worship This Week” is linked to a page with our sermon information and the upcoming service video. The second box, “Watch Online,” directly links with our live stream video for Sunday services via YouTube. The third box titled, “I’m New” is to attract visitors to our one-stop-shop page for those considering visiting for the first time.

You’ll notice that the sermon and live stream link are no longer under the three boxes. Please use the boxes described above to find this information. ¬†However, you will still be able to view the¬†calendar feature located at the bottom of the homepage.

We implemented these changes with great deliberation and with our users in mind. With any significant change comes a learning curve, but we hope the change will make it easier to use for anyone visiting our website. If you have questions or concerns, please let me know. You can reach me by email at

With best regards,
Brittany Crawford

FUS Communications Director