June 21 – “The Longest Day”

The Pagans in our midst are celebrating Litha, or the Summer Solstice—the peak of the power of the Sun. At the same time, many of our human siblings are struggling with the powerlessness brought by the necessities of isolation. This morning, we’ll take some time to reflect on the dissonance created by these two realities, and how we might nurture a spirit of compassion in response.

Rev. Karen Armina is the minister for the James Reeb UU Congregation on the east side of Madison. She comes to ministry out of a background in plant ecology, and understands the interconnected web of all existence as both a physical and a theological reality. This understanding leads her to be deeply passionate about how we treat each other and our Earth home. Karen lives on the east side with her teenager, Catherine, and their dog, Marvel.


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