May 11 & May 12 – Coming of Age and Bridging Services

Saturday, May 11 @ 4:30 pm & Sunday, May 12, @ 9 am
“Coming of Age: A Service & Ceremony”

This annual Rite of Passage celebrates the accomplishments and learning of our Coming of Age youth. This class spends the year learning about Unitarian Universalism and their own beliefs about faith and its place in their lives while working with adult facilitators and elders. This service is their own beautiful creation representing the journey they have been on together, composing and reading Belief Statements as well as providing the special music. Please join us for the beloved annual ritual of celebration, affirmation, and joy.

Sunday, May 12 @ 11 am
“The Fire of Curiosity: A Bridging Service Honoring our High School Youth”

Each year our high school youth group creates a service based on an important theme in their lives. This year they will reflect on the role curiosity plays in their lives as they face the next big transition of their life, graduating from high school. Our service will feature our annual Bridging Ceremony where we thank our youth for the gifts they have brought to us and give them our blessings for their future journeys, wherever they may lead.


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