October 22 & 23 – “Courage: Nearly 23 Years a Unitarian Universalist, in Community”

As we all continue to make sense of the world before, during, and now as Covid lives with us for some time to come, what does “courage” mean in your life and living, and here in Madison during these ever-uncertain times? Join Reverend Chris Long, and our other worship leaders, as he shares of his nearly 23 year journey being a Unitarian Universalist—a journey which began here in Madison at the James Reeb Unitarian Universalist Church.

Rev. Chris Long was born in Memphis, TN, in 1968, and became a Unitarian Universalist in 1999, here in Madison. Within five years of becoming a UU, he was called to ministry, and graduated from Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley in May 2009 and ordained by the First Unitarian Church of Oakland in June 2009. He currently serves as Minister of Congregational Life at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge in Louisiana.


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