September 7 & 8 – “Return Again: Ingathering”

Ingathering invites us to bring intention and meaning to the close of summer and the start of another program year in the life of FUS. What happened in our summers matters deeply in what we bring to our sharing within this congregation. This service includes the cherished water communion tradition of mingling the waters from our summer experiences. To participate, please bring a small bit of water that symbolizes the essence of your summer. Return again to FUS and this community bringing all that you and the summer have offered as a gift to our year.

In recognition of Water Communion, Linda Warren will play “Shall We Gather at the River” and “Deep River.” She will be joined on Saturday by soprano Tamara Brognano. On Sunday, Anybody Choir will sing “Take Me to the Water” by Rollo Dilworth and “MLK” by Irish band U2.


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