Sunday, April 11 – “What We Can’t Unknow” with Rev. Leslie Takahashi

Join our Guest preacher Rev. Leslie Takahashi, as she explores what we now know and must grapple with in these reemergent times. The pandemic has only heightened our awareness of what we cannot unknow. In a time when religion in all its institutional forms is changing, how do we as progressive people of faith take the lessons now laid so clearly before us and turn them into concrete actions. Music by Beck, Handel, and Shelton.

Rev. Leslie Takahashi serves as Lead Minister of the Mt. Diablo Unitarian Church in Walnut Creek, CA, a congregation that has been expanding its focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion for almost a decade and a half. She is the past chair of the Commission on Institutional Change and one of the primary authors of Widening the Circle of Concern, the COiC’s plan for addressing the challenges of inclusion and hospitality. Leslie was also the 2019 Berry Street Lecturer and is currently turning that address, “Truth, Trauma and Transformation” into a book to be published by Skinner House. Leslie lives in Martinex, CA with two rescue bully breed dogs and enjoys visits with her adult children, Liam and Garner, and their partners. Oscar Theresa, her first grandchild born in January, is her current obsession.


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