Sunday, January 31 – “The State of FUS”

I was planning to do this type of sermon near the end of my year of interim ministry at FUS but decided sharing my observations well before I headed to the exit door would be more useful. I look forward to sharing my observations after watching FUS mostly from afar and then parachuting in mid-pandemic. I will talk about FUS’s many and powerful strengths, its challenges, and do some imagining about the future that will unfold starting on August 1 when a new co-minister arrives. FUS Children’s and Youth Choir Director Heather Thorpe will sing.



  1. Ann M. Smiley : February 1, 2021 at 3:37 am

    Compliments, kudos, and compassion to all those who face the challenge of creating a new worship experience during this pandemic. We are all learning: new skills and new relationships. The recorded services are innovative yet retain traditional elements. I, for one, need the security of the familiar. Thank you.

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