Sunday, July 10 @ 10 am – “Making Meaning in a Chaotic World”

Living a good life has always included rising to challenges. Progressing through challenges once was a matter of individual striving and accomplishment. However, in these post-lockdown days, the individual’s progress, more than ever, is coupled to the serious challenges confronting the human race. Arguably, creating purpose and meaning in one’s own life, now, calls for alignment with the needs of humanity, indeed all life on earth. Additionally, there is both an outward journey and an inward journey to consider. Today, we focus on the inward journey of expanded consciousness of heart and mind. What does that mean? Why does it matter? How do we do it?

Rev. Jody Whelden, RBCC, is a longtime member of FUS-Madison, a retired hospital chaplain, and a former holistic psychotherapist specializing in complimentary healing practices for body/mind/spirit. Jody served at Meriter-Unity Point, St Mary’s, and The American Center-UW hospitals over her years a chaplain. Now she is writing a young adult coming-of-age novel that takes place on the New Hampshire seacoast. Her passions include the study of consciousness and her artwork.


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