Sunday, September 2 – “Let Justice Roll Down Like the Waters”

Are you a “Values Voter?” Most Unitarian Universalists would initially recoil from such a designation. In recent decades, the “values” supported by so-called Values Voters include opposition to marriage equality, opposition to reproductive choice, and a general disdain for the role of government in many areas of life, such as provision of universal health care coverage. Yet many UUs tend to support most or all of the above. We have values, just not those promoted by religious conservatives. However, we have a hard time articulating a religious basis for our values. Looking at the prophetic tradition of ancient Israel, and modern thinking from religious liberal theologians like Paul Rasor, we will examine the prophetic tradition of Unitarian Universalism and see what it might mean for our own justice making.

Linda Warren will play solo piano music composed by former Mannheim Steamroller pianist, Jackson Berkey.

Rev. Jim Jaeger is an ordained UU minister and long-time member of First Unitarian Society (and a hospice chaplain for his “day job”).


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