Sermons by Eric Severson


May 28 – Pursuing the Vision

Speaker: | May 22, 2017

Liberal religion holds that the future is open and unfolding. We all have visions of how we want the world to be; the trick is getting there. Using tradition to send us on the right...


May 13 & 14 – In Good Hands

Speaker: | May 09, 2017

Receiving support, being held in good hands, is more than just an insurance slogan. Becoming fully present to one another is a task not only for professional and lay ministers, but everyone. Reliably trusting and...


March 25 & 26 – Starting Again

Speaker: | March 26, 2017

It can hurt when we get knocked down, when reality doesn’t match our expectations. Disappointment is part of life, but so is persistence. It’s important to find the resources and encouragement we need to help...


January 21 & 22 – Resistance is Never Futile

Speaker: | January 24, 2017

Sometimes peace requires change. Sometimes change requires defying authority. Unitarian Universalist history is filled with people who have acted as social change agents. Many of them questioned prevailing authorities. Join us as we consider the...